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Okay so that’s not really the right question however it did get your attention!

I was talking to a friend of mine the other day and they were saying that they weren’t feeling so great and started to get into a rut and a state of overwhelm regarding a goal they were working towards and then they received an email from me encouraging them and they took stock of what was going on and snapped out of their state of overwhelm and got on with what needed to be done and who they wanted to be.

Do you have friends in your life that compliment your strengths and notice when you need a little nudge? Even placing people around you that stretch you, which can be uncomfortable, and have the ability to give you encouragement and feedback on how you are going even thought it may be scary to put yourself out there. In the sporting area there are coaches and trainers to help people lose weight, get fit, or achieve a certain goal. Do you look at the cost of staying where you are, resisting change and deciding not to grow or learn? What is the result if you stay the same?

So how do you position yourself to have people speak into your life? Whether it’s business, marketing, healthy living or becoming a better parent.

Here are 7 keys to helping position yourself for the next level, to be the best person you can be.

  1. Find an area of interest or passion that you want to improve in.
  2. Look for someone who is ahead of you either in business, sport, hobby or skill sets.
  3. Seek them out either by following them on Twitter, going to their webpage and subscribing to their updates, send them an email or invite them out for a coffee to spend 15 mins with them. The key here is, do something, go from being a spectator to a participant.
  4. Let them know you are following them and trying to learn as much as possible about how they got to where that are and learnt what they currently know. Ask them great questions.
  5. Apply the new learnings or insights to your life whether in business, family or personal life.
  6. Enjoy the journey of growth.
  7. Grab someone that you can mentor. When you teach others it cements the skills and insights that you have just learnt.

There is a quote “You can’t soar with Eagles if you surround yourself with turkeys” which holds very true when it comes to learning new things.

Your true friends and followers will support you as you grow because they want the best for you what ever that is for you. Others will try and hold you back so they can continue to compare themselves to you.

It’s time to try new things, learn new skills and be empowered as well as empowering those around you.

As I finish there is another saying I want to leave you with “show me your friends and I’ll tell you where you will be in 5 years time.”

Who you are currently surrounding yourself with and empowering to speak into your life will set how you will be in the future. Choose wisely and be empowered.