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I think of this song every time the sun breaks through the clouds when I’m driving. It’s a great example to me of heading to a destination and thinking that I know the way and the signposts in life look familiar so I keep moving forward.

As beautiful as this is, sometimes if I don’t look up and look ahead, then I can find myself on a very different path to the one that I was planning on taking.

A quote from Diane Sawyer goes like this. ” I think the one lesson I have learned is that there is no substitute for paying attention.”

I remember some times as a family we would get in the car and just go exploring and the adventure was in the journey and we weren’t sure where we would end up for the day. We found ourselves at nurseries, macadamia nut farms and tea shop and adventure playgrounds.

These were all great adventures and when we set time aside for them, lots of fun however if you have a plan and a destination that you are heading for how often do you look up, look ahead and check your references to your chosen destination, how do you know when and where your goal will be found and completed.

One of my children has good vision out of both eyes however one of her eyes is lazier than the other so when they look straight ahead one eye does more work than the other and they can lose their focus.

In your focus and planning do you have all your eyes focused on your goal and destination for your life? What signposts and checkpoints do you have in your life to check you are heading in the right direction? Are you working to hard to compensate for other areas of your life that are lazy or sitting there dormant?

I have weekly meetings, 90 day plans and planning sessions to check in with my signposts and checkpoints that when I have a direction in mind for work, business or family that I continue down that track until I have explored all I can from that and learnt what I can from that experience. Then I would have another gathering of my teams and work out a new direction and plan and focus to get to that goal, to learn and experience all that I can for me, my family, the businesses I’m in and the networks I’m in.

Just the other day I was taking to a new contact of mine and realised that they weren’t going to be able to be a benefit to my business but I stayed engaged and thought of a friend’s of mine’s business and how this discussion and business would benefit them both. Later on I organised for them to meet.

As my goals are clear I can decide what is good for me, my family & my business.

What do you do for your focus and direction to be started and noted, signposts and checkpoints to be identified and goals to be completed?