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When I was younger I remember being taught, “Be careful when you do this and watch out when you do that”. It’s a phrase I hear in my head when I try something new or move into an area I haven’t had much experience in. I don’t hear it every time and I hear the voices less and less as I become a person who enjoys a challenge and trying something new. I also push myself into more new and exciting opportunities I know that will help me grow into a better person and move me more into my destiny of being the best person I can be.

I guess you could call it a pattern that has never served me very well apart from keeping me safe. It has held me back on many occasions when I speak publicly, help strangers on the street or try new endeavours.

One thing I have learnt over the last year is that life isn’t meant to be safe. Life is about living, trying new experiences and with all you have, attempt something new every time you get the chance.

An example of this for me recently is my swimming at Terrigal Beach. I know that I need to keep fit and swimming laps wasn’t the most exciting thing for me (The tip here is if you want to continue your exercise make sure it’s something you enjoy) so I started swimming at Terrigal Beach. Now Terrigal Beach has a few swimming bouys out in the water for you to swim to and back and at first I would swim half way out to Goldy (that is the nick name of the bouy directly in front of the Terrigal Surf Club) Then when I got fitter and braver I would go 3/4 of the way out, then one day I made it out to Goldy and I was very proud of myself. I started to do this quite often and then sometimes go out to Goldy twice in a swim but then I started looking for another challenge (The North bouy at Terrigal) which is alot further out. I can now say that I have reached the north bouy twice and the southern buoy many times.

When I tell people I swim at Terrigal out to the buoys and back they tell me that I’m crazy, irresponsibly and sometimes even worse. But swimming in the ocean, really in the ocean helps me come alive and be who I really am. I also challenge myself to do new things and things that challenge me so I can create new patterns in my head like. “You can do it it!” which I find to be patterns that I now welcome into my head.

What new challenges could you do to better yourself, for you, your family and friends if every day you did something that really made you come alive?

What stops you trying new things? Who would you be if you didn’t listen to the voices you hear holding you back from achieve all you want in life? What if you stopped them talking to you at all?

We all have these voices in our head and patterns that come out telling us who we are and what we can or can’t achieve. What would it take for you to stop listening to the be safe patterns and the other patterns of you can’t do this or you can’t do that for just a day, two days or maybe even a week.

Who would benefit from you living this new life of endless possibilities and new adventures and endeavours?

What if there was only one person that would benefit from this new way of thinking, would you still change your patterns and behaviours?

There are many new opportunities out there for you to achieve and become a success at.

The day to start them is today!

Well, what stopping you from trying this today?