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It’s around this time of year, every year that our goals come into question, the energy we had at the beginning of the year has slowly diminished and the end of year festivals and looking forward to Summer has not yet come into view.

In Australia it’s made worst like other countries in the southern hemisphere as we also have to injure winter and if we didn’t already have firm goals and plans in place they would defiantly be called into question by the dark early mornings and the cold days with the sun going down well before dinner time.

The picture I paint isn’t all doom and gloom but more a recognition of the seasons of life and living here on this beautiful planet. The best thing about seasons is that there is a beginning like the start of a year or autumn and the end of the season like the end of summer and rainy seasons. As season come and go they are just that seasons. You are never stuck in a season (although some winter seasons seem to go on forever) there is a start and there is an end. What do you do to keep your focus and drive to go through these seasons. I’m glad you asked.

What do I do that works through these really tough times and seasons and how do I keep my focus and goals alive. Well it’s really quite simple and something that everyone can do.

You may of heard about a 90 day plan before but either never really had a good go at it or not know where to start. Well I have my 90 day goals and outcomes I would like to achieve on my wall next to my desk. It covers my 1 year goals, 2 year goals and 5 year goals as well. Now you may not know what you want to achieve in 5 years but have some ideas about where you want to be or like most people know where you don’t want to be in 5 years and either way is just fine.

Having a pretty clear idea on my long term goals helps me able to focus my time, energy and resources on the short term goals that I set for myself in my 90 day plan, monthly and weekly goals and check in each week on what I have done (best bit), what is to be done and a plan on how to get it done.

Unlike most people I really enjoy this time of year, in a golf tournament which goes for 4 days they call the 3rd day moving day as everyone is excited on the first and second day to be there, the last day determines the winner but the 3rd day is the most important day of all as you might not be able to win on day 3 but you can sure lose the championship on this day and play yourself into contention as well if you were a few strokes back from the leaders after 2 days.

It you have goals, dreams and aspirations and you aren’t sure how to get them done the 90 day plan will definitely be able to help. If you would like a free copy of one just go to the free resources tab on the Practical Coaching website and request one. If you have one and not sure how to start or get stuck somewhere please feel free to ask and I’m sure one of the team at Practical Coaching will be able to help you and encourage you as you set your path to achieve all you desire in life to have, do and be.