Michael is a passionate and innovative educator. He brings fun to learning in a way that ensures that his students not only enjoy the learning experience but that they remember the lesson.

Camilla Galagher

Business Development Officer, Novaskill

Michael is an incredibly passionate, humanistic trainer, coach, facilitator who assists people to be the best they can be. He has a lovely way about him, whilst keeping his clients accountable to their commitments. An absolute joy to work with.

Kerrie Canning

Experienced HR Professional

Michael brings a unique mix of experience and qualifications to his Practical Coaching Service. He is well grounded in the realities of challenges people face in the workplace as well as other spheres of the their life. He also has a sensitivity and discernment of people’s needs that enables him to effectively empathize and be a change agent and life coach across the broad spectrum life experiences his clients may face.

Len Eagles

PGCE, Career Development Professional

Michael has a clear idea of how to assist people with life issues and in business, he knows himself, and so is intuitive enough to see paths that can create opportunities that may help others. I have always found him to be honest and able to express his view points succinctly and directly – irrespective of whether they are in line with the those of the individual or group or not – and these attributes are ideal for his role in coaching people and guiding them in their own personal circumstances. A strong belief system makes Michael ethically sensitive and aware, and his approach is constructed on this sound moral foundation. I could not recommend Michael more strongly to anyone who has not yet had the pleasure of really getting to know him.

Ty Barron Blanch

Director + Licensee at LJ Hooker Commercial Central Coast + LJ Hooker Commercial National Advisory Board

Michael possesses 3 important traits in a trainer: clarity, communication and charisma. He has the ability to communicate knowledge to an audience effectively. Michael’s method of delivery is engaging and refreshing due to his charismatic personality. Discussions never fail to be simple and easy to comprehend. His language is always stimulating yet prosaic with no element of ambiguity. Students, customers as well as colleagues often enjoyed conversing in his company. I would highly recommend anyone to Michael’s services.

Christina Detlefs

Project Manager, Virgin Mobile

Michael is a true leader. I have used Michael in a professional capacity and he enabled the facilitation of clarity I required to get to the end goals I was looking to achieve. He is a master in enabling change and is compassionate but holds his ground with you. I would not hesitate in recommending Michael for your business or personal journey’s. If you feel stuck and need to work out options on how to move forward personally or in your business Practical Coaching Solutions is for you.

Leanne Mayne

Founder + Owner, Small Business In A Box

Michael has an intuitive ability to guide and motivate his clients extracting their strengths and is able to break down the big picture into small attainable action steps that are directed specifically to identified areas of opportunity. He does this through his thorough knowledge of marketing and business skills. He is always a pleasure to work with.

Megan Clarke

Herbalist, Nutritionist, Registered Nurse

Michael’s expertise has helped me greatly. He has helped provide focus to my day to day affairs. Michael challenges my thoughts, gives constructive feedback and opens my eyes to other business opportunities. Time with Michael leaves me energised. Importantly, he has given me the tools to take this energy and transform my business. This means the benefits are ongoing and that the energy is not lost once he leaves the office.

Warwick Jackson

Partner, Fox Group Chartered Accountants