Feel Like It’s Time to Make a Change in Your Life, But Can’t Seem to Find a Way?

To work with me there are programs, trainings and groups to join, there is also space for accountability and community.

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What Results Can I Expect?


One of my best gifts is to provide clarity around the noise and help you move up and not go around again for another year not getting the results you are looking to achieve.

Clear Plan To Move Forward

With your best year yet you can capture your big picture into as well as your 90 day plans to break down the steps to achieve and grow.

Support and Encouragement

Every step of your journey I will be there. To encourage you, stretch you in your journey towards your best version of yourself. To celebrate your wins. Wins is progress and what better way than to have someone cheer you on!

How Do I know If This is Right For Me?

First off we have a 100% money back guarantee for any program you sign up to. We also have proven results with client testimonies of great success with there goals. With professionalism and empathy, we will provide clarity, help plan and support and celebrate your successes with you.

My Approach

What you get with me is clarity to know where you want to go, a short term plan to create some momentum and encouragement all along the way. I believe we can achieve our best in a positive frame of mind and with clear goals ahead. With my 3 core values of creativity, clarity and community we can get you unstuck and with support help, you achieve your best.

We are warm, open and supportive with an ocasional nudge where needed. When you go into areas that you have never been before it can be daunting but with our support you can get there.

Check out the testimonies of those who have trusted us and got the results they were looking for and more.

What People Say

Michael is a true leader. I have used Michael in a professional capacity and he enabled the facilitation of clarity I required to get to the end goals I was looking to achieve. He is a master in enabling change and is compassionate but holds his ground with you. I would not hesitate in recommending Michael for your business or personal journey’s. If you feel stuck and need to work out options on how to move forward personally or in your business Practical Coaching Solutions is for you.

Leanne Mayne

Founder + Owner, Small Business In A Box

Michael is an incredibly passionate, humanistic trainer, coach, facilitator who assists people to be the best they can be. He has a lovely way about him, whilst keeping his clients accountable to their commitments. An absolute joy to work with.

Kerrie Canning

Experienced HR Professional

Michael possesses 3 important traits in a trainer: clarity, communication and charisma. He has the ability to communicate knowledge to an audience effectively. Michael’s method of delivery is engaging and refreshing due to his charismatic personality. Discussions never fail to be simple and easy to comprehend. His language is always stimulating yet prosaic with no element of ambiguity. Students, customers as well as colleagues often enjoyed conversing in his company. I would highly recommend anyone to Michael’s services.

Christina Detlefs

Project Manager, Virgin Mobile

Michael is a passionate and innovative educator. He brings fun to learning in a way that ensures that his students not only enjoy the learning experience but that they remember the lesson.

Camilla Galagher

Business Development Officer, Novaskill

How It Works

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Achieve Your Goals - Simple!



This is the program for you to achieve your best version of yourself. If you have been traveling along in your life and giving to others and putting yourself last. If you have a goal that you haven’t yet achieved then this program is for you.


In workplaces to be successful, they measure all sorts of KPI’s like, profit and loss, revenue, customer contacts and average handling times. The most important KPI in every office, every company and every business is sometimes talked about but not tracked. To help your business grow, retain staff and increase profits, find out how you can measure and grow the missing KPI.


To go from an average basketball player or someone who sits on the bench, we can help you improve your game. I know you want to improve and everyone has a suggestion on how to get better. Work with successful coaches that have proven results with individuals and teams for success. To see a structured approach and see results quickly, join here today.


Do you feel like you keep submitting your resume with no results? What about when you do? How do you perform well in a video, face to face or panel interview? Here we can share from years of experience the secrets for you to ace your Resume and Interview to get your dream job.

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