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Over the last week I heard a great teaching on moving forward. Sometimes it’s the things we don’t do that leads us either towards our Destiny or delays our Destiny.

What do I mean by delay?

Well there is a principle of important vs. urgent that leads me to believe both you and me day after day, delay our destiny buy the choices we make.

In October this year I enrolled in a course to help me with my business and leadership ability. I was given 6 months to complete this course and I thought as soon as I received all that I needed to complete the course I could knock it over in a week or two. There was added incentive as to once this course was finished this would open up another income stream for me in which I was pretty excited about.

Well week after week passed which turned into month after month.

I’m sitting here today telling you that this week I completed the course which quite literately I could have finished a few months ago and be on to the next steps in my life.

I have learnt some valuable lessons about myself and seen some patterns that I use to operate on to delay and I thought I had dealt with before but it’s not till you have an opportunity to sink or swim do you notice if you are indeed running the same patterns that may not serve you well or if in fact you have replaced them with a pattern, thought and habits that will serve you better today and into the future.

So looking at the last days of the year and all of us wanting a bright and better New Year, here are some thoughts to propel us forward and make this year our best year yet!

What is it that continues to delay our destiny?

  • Procrastination – What patterns of delay do you currently run? Are they helpful or a hindrance?
  • Process – What to do first? Not what’s on your to do list but the order or accomplishment that is important.
  • Priority – What are your priorities and are they reflected in the things you do and what you believe?
  • Party – When completed it time to celebrate. When did you last celebrate your success?
  • Plan for the next step into your destiny. Vision is important in all aspects of our lives.

From my family to your, have a very Happy New Year and may this year be your best year so far!