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Whether you are Minister, a Pastor or Church leader I have a sobering statistic for you.

33% felt burned out within their first five years of Ministry and Leading.

This is a terrible statistic and especially since Pastors, Ministers and Leaders are in their line of work because they have love for others and feel called into this type of work.

In their care for others they often neglect the person they should be looking after the most. I always think about the safety demonstration when you board a plane, where the oxygen masks drops down from the ceiling that you always put on your mask first before you can help others and place their mask on safely. If you switch this around the facts are their might be two casualties instead of one. No one should have to be a casualty in the ministry of Pastors, Ministers and leaders in these vital Not for Profit organisations.

Here are 3 simple methods you can implement today to help you thrive in ministry & volunteer work and keep you leading and serving others for many years to come. 

Develop Teams.

Teams are the bed rock for efficiency. Taking tasks that no one likes and need to get done are much better accomplished with teams. Teams are also vital for when you have success you have people to share it with.

Have others help share the load both physically and emotionally.

Do you have a board? Do you have a mentor? Have you always wanted a board but not sure of the model you should use? Having other Leaders with experience and knowledge can really help support and strengthen you.

Speak Vision.

The always looking down trap vs looking up. Vision always inspires and helps others catch something great. Look down for 5 secs how do you feel? Look up for 5 secs how do you feel? Do you see or feel a difference? What are the differences for you?