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Have you ever been learning something or listening to someone and thought ” That’s a great idea!”, ” I should start doing that!” or ” I wish that was me!’

I have many times, and I’ve tried to put into practice the latest thing I have just learnt. Within a few days – maybe a week – I find that not only have I failed to put the new thing into my schedule, but I’m feeling even worse and guilty for not applying it yet. Deep down I know this isn’t the first time I have tried to start something new without any success.

In business there are new things to learn and implement all the time. Sometimes these things work, and sometime they don’t.

I have thought that there has to be a better way than this.

Thankfully there is! Here on this blog, I’ll be sharing my best strategies and learnings, so you can think about them and begin to apply them to your life – successfully!

You must give up, or go up.

To learn something new, we need to stop stressing about it. Simply break it down and apply the new learning. Act like this is the normal way of things, and carry on with this new strategy integrated into your life.

There is another saying like this. Before you start the next thing, what are you going to stop? This is to make room for the new things in your life, whether it’s a hobby, work or learning.

If you picture your life as a cup that is full, before you add anything new you need to tip some of the contents out to fit or accommodate in the new. Otherwise when you add the new things in – no matter how good they are – the cup will overflow and you will lose the great things you were trying to add to your life.

Need help stopping something so you’re ready to start fresh?

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